Data Tracking for Autonomous Cars

Automotive practice group chair, Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with San Fernando Valley Business Journal about several topics pertaining to autonomous vehicles, including how a small company located in Northridge, CA is developing a “black box” for the autonomous or driverless vehicle market.

This “black box” would be the same idea as what is on an airplane, in that it would be a data and video collecting device that would be used as an analysis tool to improve the performance of the AI engine and as a crash investigation tool as it would be a better eye witness than the occupants in the vehicle.

Aaron spoke with the publication about how having a “black box” on driverless vehicles would prove helpful to insurance companies when setting rates or in accidents. “Let’s say they (the company) have built a better mousetrap then they’d be a competitive player in that industry, arguing that the only way to assess how well these cars are doing and any risk is to have a black box like airplanes do,” Aaron said. 


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